The Voice Australia 2022: Keith Urban baffled by Jess Mauboy move: ‘I’m still mad’

Keith Urban has been left baffled, with Jess Mauboy choosing to let go of artist Kaylee Bell in The Voice Australia ‘Battles’ and taking through Finnian Johnson instead.

Jess’ decision in the Battles came after she blocked Keith from having Kaylee, 32, on his team in the Blind Auditions after Kaylee sang a song she wrote for Keith.

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In the Battles, Kaylee and Finnian, 19, performed landslide by Fleetwood Mac, both taking very different approaches to the ballad.

Finnian’s tone spoke for itself in the emotional song, while Kaylee impressively styled her rendition with some big notes.

As the song came to a close, Keith said it was “bittersweet” to watch Kaylee perform.

Keith praised Kaylee's performance, calling it 'bittersweet' to watch her on stage.
Keith praised Kaylee’s performance, calling it ‘bittersweet’ to watch her on stage. Credit: Seven

“I obviously wanted Kaylee for my team but sweet Jessica here blocked me,” he said pointing to Jess beside him.

“I’m not mad or anything,” he said sarcastically, before correcting himself. “I am, I’m still mad.

“I think, Kaylee, your vocal styling really came out in that song and it was very good,” Keith said.

Next to speak was Rita Ora, who was in a similar position with Jess having blocked her from winning Finnian on Team Rita after his audition.

Finnian Johnson and Kaylee Bell battle on stage.
Finnian Johnson and Kaylee Bell battle on stage. Credit: Seven

“Well a bit like Keith getting blocked, I also got blocked by Jess for Finnian,” Rita said.

“So I think we’re both sort of bitter, aren’t we Keith? But we’re not talking about it.”

Having to make her decision, Jess turned to address her artists.

“I’m so super proud of you both. Kaylee you’re just effortless and you just know where you’re going with the song. Coaching you is like setting you up to shine,” she said.

“Finnian, goodness gracious me, that tone that you have, it is meant to tell stories.

Keith is surprised by Jess' decision to farewell Kaylee.
Keith is surprised by Jess’ decision to farewell Kaylee. Credit: Seven

“You have this barrel thing that’s really deep in your gut, this is a really tough decision.”

After pondering her choice, Jess declared the winner as Finnian.

Shocked, Keith leaned back in his chair as he said, “Oh wow!”

Leaving the stage, Kaylee said how The Voice has “been such a beautiful journey”, adding her gratitude.

“Go Kaylee,” Keith yelled out as she left the stage.

Why the surprise?

Keith was undoubtedly shocked by Jess’ move, considering she had fought so hard to secure Kaylee on her team by having Keith blocked.

During her Blind Audition, Kaylee sang a song about Keith, called Keithin front of Keith – and she presumably wanted to be on Team Keith.

WATCH IN THE VIDEO BELOW: Jess Mauboy blocks Keith from winning Kaylee on his team

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However, Jess had other plans, “fighting hard” to secure her on Team Jess by blocking Keith, in perhaps one of the most brutal blocks of the season.

“Yes, she sang a song about you, but I said I was going to fight for her,” Jess told a shattered Keith at the time.

“I think you just totally stand out and I love that about you,” she told Kaylee.

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