Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong on the Sex Pistols: “They proved that punk rock was not meant for the masses”

green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has shared his thoughts on his punk rock forefathers the Sex Pistolsand declared that the London punk quartet “proved that punk rock was not meant for the masses.”

With award-winning film director Danny Boyle’s much-talked-about six-part Sex Pistols mini-series Pistol set to air on Disney+ from May 31, the impact and influence of Johnny Rotten’s iconic punk band is once more under discussion, and Green Day’s frontman has spoken to rolling stone to offer his personal view on the group.

Never Mind the Bollocks was one of the first punk records I ever heard,” Armstrong tells rolling stone. “For me, it just had a huge impact. Everything about it, from the lyrics to the guitar sounds to the songs, I thought was just perfect.”

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