From Rigorous Martial Arts Training To His Rigid Diet Plan For Washboard Abs, Actor’s Daily Routine Is Almost Impossible To Follow

Tiger Shroff's Daily Fitness Routine Unveiled: From Crazy Martial Arts Training To His Rigid Diet Plan For Washboard Abs, Heropanti Actor's Routine Is Almost Impossible To Follow
Tiger Shroff’s Daily Fitness Routine Unveiled: From High Intensive Martial Arts Training To His Rigid Diet Plan For Washboard Abs, Heropanti Actor Is True Fitness Freak! (Photo Credit – Tiger Shroff/Instagram)

Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger Shroff is well known for his commercially successful Baaghi action franchise, Heropanti series and War. He is one of the highest-paid actors in the film industry. He has established himself as one of the top action heroes of the current generation.

He is one of the rare actors who can move like jello despite being loaded with muscle and has the flexibility of an elite gymnast. His flexibility and ripped physique of him continue to amaze us. Now, we all have one thing on our minds – how do we get that fit? Let’s find out.

Tiger Shroff workout routine

During a conversation with GQ India, Tiger Shroff once opened up on his workout routine and his diet plans. When asked about his daily workout routine by him, he said, “I do a variety of things. I like to do martial arts, parkour, weight training and I have a treadmill in my room – so every morning I get up and hop on that treadmill. I run for 45 minutes and that just gets my blood flowing and my body warmed up for my next activity, which is probably some martial arts or gymnastics training in the morning. Post that, I come home and I have my lunch and then I go to the gym. I do different body parts on different days and yeah, that’s about it. And then the next day, instead of doing martial arts in the morning, I’d dance.”

Further explaining his strength training he said, “If I am doing legs, then I do squats, step-ups, lunges and stuff like that. And no, not really, because my body weight is not a challenge to me anymore. So, in the gym, I can lift 3 times my body weight – so that’s something that would give me more progress.”

Tiger Shroff even gave some tips to get well-sculpted abs like him. “Well, abs are made in the kitchen, honestly. You are what you eat, you have got to control your binge habits and I think if you just sort of watch what your last meal (of the day) is, that makes the biggest difference. So, if you cut out the carbs when the sun sets, if you don’t have sugar and all the starchy carbs and stuff, and stick to just protein and vegetables, you will be fine,” he said.

Tiger Shroff Diet plan

As per the MensXp report, the Heropanti 2 actor’s breakfast includes 6 egg white omelette (protein-heavy) and Oatmeal. During, he eats Fish/Chicken, Boiled Vegetables ie zucchini, Broccoli, lettuce etc. Before heading for a workout, he makes sure to have a Protein shake (whey protein isolate) and after the workout Chicken salad as a snack.

Tiger’s dinner typically includes Fish/chicken with boiled vegetables.

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