Cryo Trailer & Key Art Revealed [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant can exclusively reveal the trailer and key art for Saban Films’ new sci-fi thriller Cryo, in theaters June 24 and on Digital June 28.

ScreenRant has the exclusive trailer and poster reveal for the upcoming film, Cryo, which will be released in select theaters on June 24 and digitally on June 28. The Saban Films production is a science fiction thriller that directed by Barrett Burgin in his debut feature film, and it was co-written by him and Mason D. Davis . Davis himself stars in Cryo and is a prolific actor who has appeared in a myriad of shows, ranging from ITUC: NY to Yellowstone.

Cryo commences in what can only be described as a living nightmare when five scientists, cryptically identified only by vocation and number, awake from a cryogenic sleep and find themselves trapped in an underground facility. They have no memory of who they are or how long they’ve been asleep, but they soon begin to realize they are somehow part of a scientific experiment gone wrong. This strange turn of events leads the scientists to realize they are being hunted, and one of their party may indeed be the culprit.

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Other members of the exciting cast include Jyllian Petrie (The Last Descent), Emily-Marie Palmer (Cobra Kai), Morgan Gunter (Shattered Memories), Curt Doussett (CSI Miami), and Michael Flynn (The Outpost). Catch the first glimpse of the disorienting mystery in the exclusive Cryo trailer belowwhich sets the scene for the terror that grips the five scientists as time runs out for them to understand what hunts them:

The terrified characters are soon ready to turn on each other, and only solving the puzzle or understanding the origin of their cryogenic sleep can save them. The only questions is if they can find the answers – and themselves – before it’s too late.

Screen Rant also has the honor of revealing Cryo‘s key art, which emphasizes the the waking nightmare that each scientist finds themselves in:

cryo key art

Saban Films continues its hot streak of releasing fascinating thrillers, intriguing mysteries and cerebral horror films this year, dating back to The Legend of La Llorona in January. Their spy drama agent gamand released earlier this month, and their upcoming psychological thriller chariot will also be out in June, making it a perfect month for viewers to get their fill of mind-bending cinema. Cryo has yet to be rated and has a runtime of 158 minutes.

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Cryo will be out in select theaters June 24 and available On Demand and Digital June 28.


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