Chrissie Swan’s awkward response to MasterChef star Minoli De Silva’s cancer diagnosis

Channel 10 viewers were left puzzled by Chrissie Swan’s awkward response to MasterChef contestant Minoli De Silva revealing her second cancer diagnosis.

Chrissie Swan has had a bumpy start to her second week hosting The Project after an unfortunate hiccup during a MasterChef interview on Monday night.

Swanwho is filling in for Carrie Bickmore while the TV personality is in the UK with her family, seemed caught off guard when returning contestant Minoli De Silva revealed her second breast cancer diagnosis.

As Minoli recalled of the day she received the shock news — which also happened to be the same day she was asked to join the cast of MasterChef Fans and Favorites — Swan fumbled a response that had viewers puzzled on social media.

“It was probably the day that had the biggest high and the biggest low I ever had. It seemed surreal,” the 35-year-old, who competed on the show last year, told Chrissie during the segment.

“In the morning I got a call from my doctor and he told me that the breast cancer had come back from an ultrasound that happened a week ago and I cried just more tears than I can remember crying in a long time,” she continued.

“Then, MasterChef calls me up in the afternoon and it was like, ‘We’ve got some news that might be really shocking’.

“I didn’t say anything and they told me I had a chance to come back into the MasterChef kitchen.”

Back on the panel, Chrissie appeared to pause before responding, “Wow, from the sublime to the ridiculous, I don’t know which one is which!”

Guest host Sarrah Le Marquand then swiftly changed the subject to a dish the chef had made during Sunday’s episode.

“Let’s talk jaffles. Your jaffle saved all of the favorites from elimination last night. We want to know how did they thank you?” she said.

Viewers were quick to point out the not-so-seamless transition — with one fan even tweeting the hashtag #whatwouldcarriedo.

Former Big Brother star and radio host Swan is hosting The Project one night a week while Bickmore is overseas with her family. Prior to starting the huge new gig, Swan confessed the role “scares her a lot” in a candid Instagram post.

Journalist Georgie Tunny has also joined the team as a regular panellist in Bickmore’s absence.

“What an awkward interview with @minoli_cooks why after she said her breast cancer returned, would you not ask if she was ok?” one viewer tweeted after Monday night’s gaffe.

“Omg – YES! I thought this was wild too! How awful,” another added.

“I am dumbfounded @theprojecttv … not one of the commentators at least said they were sorry to hear about it, or I hope things have improved now … nothing! They just completely ignored it and talked about jaffles,” another commented beneath footage of the interview.

Shortly before returning to the MasterChef kitchen, Minoli underwent a bilateral mastectomy to have both breasts removed after a routine mammogram detected an abnormal-looking area that turned out to be DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ).

In a piece written for MamamiaMinoli explained that “due to the location of the cells, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or lumpectomy wasn’t an option”.

The chef wrote that she felt “overwhelmed, helpless, angry, sad, and broken,” after receiving the diagnosis, and when the second unexpected call that day came from producers at Channel 10, it was like she was “on the receiving end of a tennis ball machine that mechanically ejects the ball for you to hit, except this one was faulty and ejects a ball every two seconds.”

The reality star said in the article that the promise of a second attempt at MasterChef glory would be her “reward” for dealing with cancer for the second time.

After her double mastectomy and weeks-long recovery, Minoli wrote that she has just “one week to chill” before filming started.

Minoli was first diagnosed with stage 3A triple positive breast cancer in 2017 and underwent a lumpectomy, six months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiotherapy.

A side effect of the longtime food-lover’s treatment was losing her sense of taste.

last year, in an interview with described how the experience inspired her to cook with heart, and heightened her passion for food as she rediscovered her palate and found joy in new flavours.

On Sunday night’s episode of MasterChefMinoli wowed the judges with a chicken and potato curry jaffle, proving she’s going to be a tough contender for the fans and favorites this year.

MasterChef continues tonight from 7.30pm on Channel 10

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